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    Jiangsu Huachang (Group) Co., Ltd.

    July 1970 , the Suzhou region sandbar County Revolutionary Committee approved a new 5,000-ton type ammonia plant, plant to build the group was founded , County Revolutionary Committee , deputy director of the Hanbo I headed . October , plant construction group established branch , the first 100 new workers to the fertilizer plant in Changshu training . Nov. plant civil works started.
    April 1971 , the second batch of 82 new workers Futuijunren went Changshu training, in October , all workers participating in the training back to the factory , to install equipment .
    January 20, 1972 , the county party secretary Wang Keli personally for large car factory original ignition . Then put into actual operation of the plant 11 months , a total of 5,261.88 tons of synthetic ammonia production , in one fell swoop over device design capabilities. Factory named " sandbar fertilizer plant ," the first enterprise established in the county Party committee , under gasification , carbon , synthetic , machine repair four workshops.
    1973 clear four subjects in a room ( Biotechnology Division , People's Insurance Division , Supply Division , Department of Finance Division , Factory Office ) and workshop establishment. The establishment of the Communist Youth League in April , the establishment of trade unions in October .
    1974 disrupted the normal order of production , frequent power outages throughout the year outside , waiting for power after May overhaul consecutive stop 38 days , only 4,780 tons annual output of ammonia .
    1975 overhaul of 41 days of continuous parking , three furnaces six machine completed.
    In 1976, Wong briquettes years of use , furfural briquettes , briquettes on the basis of a glass of water , launched carbonized briquettes , Nissan 20 tons lime , external power distribution room and other projects, and continue the expansion of the four furnaces eight machines .
    1977 completed four furnaces eight machine supporting and put into production , the first 100 worker and peasant workers into the factory .
    In 1978 the whole plant around the " high-yield , high-quality , safe and economical" "study Tongxiang , catch Changshu " labor competition ; enacted to establish personal responsibility as the main content of 13 management system, carried out in late August bimonthly yield contest wins , Nov. provincial funding for the new Chemical hall on the 2nd gas tank and expansion briquettes workshop.
    In 1979 the factory was named the Ministry of Chemical Industry as " Daqing -based business ." Held the second Youth League . Production unit consists of four furnaces eight to eleven machines machines . The whole plant around the " high-quality, high-yield , low cost, and increased profits " learning Tongxiang , Taicang rush , completed one month in advance by the State Planning and eight technical indicators . July, the factory was renamed as " state-owned fertilizer plant sandbar ."
    1980 held the first congress of workers . The whole plant implementing the " adjustment , reform, rectification and improvement ," eight-character principle , carry out energy saving activities , tons of standard coal consumption of ammonia, two of 1974 dropped to 1815 kg 3115 kg .
    Provincial Department of Chemical awarded in 1981 , " eighty years of small nitrogen advanced unit" title , agricultural ammonium bicarbonate was rated the year one thousand nine hundred eighty-one Ministry of Chemical Industry quality products.
    1982 built 1,300 m2 canteen 1,500 kW generator sets and networks continue to be assessment of agricultural chemical ammonium bicarbonate Ministry of quality products . December began to set up a full-time person weapons officer.
    1983 formulated and promulgated the "Rules Staff incentive regulations ", " Factory Work Regulations Implementing Rules ," " Employee Code of Rules" , the nine provisions of " democratic evaluation of the cadre system " and other corporate consolidation acceptance by the county . Held the second session of the congress , the third Youth League . Bu agricultural ammonium bicarbonate reelection .
    1984 county set up a " sandbar County Soda Engineering Command " , 100 new workers went Lianyungang fertilizer plant training. " Pitched " trademark registration was successful. Factory was named " no leak factory ."
    1985 to establish and operate " sandbar Jiyang County bus factory ", " colored Metal ", " factory labor service company construction team " , "South Comprehensive Development Company " ( both to close down at the end of second year ) ; built to do . " the south of the county sandbar factory "," sandbar county micro-motor factory " (now Jiangnan Boilers and Xin electrical ) . Fertilizer, soda ash plant has implemented organizational , soda ash plant by the end of production. Double cafeteria ( ground floor for the restaurant , the upper 1000 's Hall ) was completed and put into use . " Gold " brand agricultural ammonium bicarbonate was rated Jiangsu Province quality products.
    January 1986 to undo the labor service company , established Department of General Services , held its third congress of trade unions . July undo fertilizer, soda ash plants , the formation of joint base, raw materials , synthesis, repair workshop. December sandbar county to a city , the factory was renamed as " state-owned fertilizer plant in Zhangjiagang City ." " Gold " card to continue agricultural ammonium bicarbonate was rated quality products Ministry of Chemical Industry
    1987 Suzhou Municipal Economic Commission , the Joint Science and Technology Commission confirm that I plant soda ash, ammonium chloride for the city of new products , the factory has been absorbed Province Chemical Quality Management Association member . August undo Department of General Services , to establish and operate industrial supplies business . Implemented from October seniority allowances for shift work three shifts of personnel directly engaged in chemical production .
    The second congress was held in 1988 . Workshop materials into gas-making workshop and workshop materials , undo corporate management department, set up measurement ENERGY. The implementation of " retired factory management system", " unemployed factory system" and " I asked about the procedure and benefits transferred from the factory regulations ", " no longer serve on the plant after the welfare of the provisions relating to middle-level cadres " assessment of economic responsibility has set up offices, production management leadership team , research room. December Municipal Economic Commission and other six departments jointly held steady on my factory production equipment to ensure safety demonstration will be updated .
    1989 factory deployed to carry out double by double work , Hou dispatcher Biotechnology Division was placed under the unified management . August cited the success of low-temperature conversion of new technology , chemical engineering department focused on the promotion of the "two coal to a coal , steam ammonia production self-sufficiency ," transformation, Soda thirty thousand tons Tianpingbuqi project started .
    In early 1990 the plant was approved by the provincial Department of Chemical sized enterprises, the provincial department level standards enterprises, supporting fertilizer Ⅱ system to complete and put into operation . October , Pang Wei, director of the Department of Chemical and has gone to the provincial Ministry of Chemical Industry , reported " two coal to a coal" feasibility , apply for special loans . Chemical teamed up with the city to establish and operate a joint chemical plant.
    Third Party Congress held in 1991 , the fourth congress of workers , establishment of Commission for Discipline Inspection . November , ¢ 1米synthesis tower successful operation , "Reform " successfully completed. In December, the city of the Joint Medical Chemical Company expressly unilaterally by the administration and the appointment of a new director of the fertilizer plant . This year, agricultural ammonium bicarbonate was again named the superior product , won the national small nitrogenous fertilizer factory advanced unit , the second unit of the province's small nitrogen advanced glorious title .
    1992 implementation of labor and personnel , wages and social insurance reform distribution , was named the Ministry of Chemical clean and civilized factory . United Chemical, Xinyi Chemical duly appropriated to my factory . November 5 , the Minister of Chemical Gu , Wang Xinfang Secretary to the Ministry of Chemical chemical plant inspections . City microbiology chemical fertilizer plant was placed under the implementation of branch establishment, naming biological chemical plant in Zhangjiagang City .
    1993, as the main fertilizer plant in Zhangjiagang City , Jiangsu Huachang Group formation . Amino Acid Co., Ltd. , Jiangsu Asia-Pacific foundation , " industrial raw materials supply station " was renamed " Jiangsu Huachang Group of industrial raw materials supply company ," Undo Infrastructure Division , set up to build office buildings chang , the formation of " Jiangsu Huachang Group Construction and Installation Engineering Department ." . Founded potassium workshop. Plant north and south of the bridge, biological chemical glucoamylase , membrane hydrogen extraction unit , located in Henan, two fertilizer plants, industrial ammonium chloride ( Xinyi ) , potassium sulfate, o-toluidine ( seven continents ) has put into operation. Gasification slag utilization of new technologies through provincial and municipal joint identification .
    Hold its sixth Youth League . Top 100 chemical companies to enter China , ranking first in terms of sales revenue 98 .
    Fourth Party Congress held in 1994 . Learn Shandong , clear and stronger guiding body chemicals , implementation ammonia , alkali two eighty thousand tons associated technological expansion project started, including the construction of 110KV substation, using two -way power line , power security upgrades to two water closed loop as the center of environmental management standard works and other ancillary facilities.
    November 22 , He Guoqiang, vice minister of Ministry of Chemical Industry and his entourage to inspect the company .
    1995 to import and export rights , the establishment of import and export office. Won the Ministry of Chemical Industry Global Awards , becoming one of the twenty chemical outstanding, one of the fertilizer production advanced enterprises. Leadership continues to Taicang , Changshu, Tancheng, Changzhou and other places of learning and research study , 110KV substation, the first use of nitrogen fertilizer plant in the province of large high-pressure machines in operation, four fertilizer plant into operation .
    1996 by the Suzhou Municipal Government , Province of modern enterprise system pilot project leading group approved the restructuring of state-owned company , named " Jiangsu Huachang ( Group ) Co., Ltd." , is authorized to operate state-owned assets ,
    General Manager Zhu Yujian has established "general manager mailbox" , issued an open letter to all employees across the company to abandon the call of the national preferential policies rely on the idea of ??danger, survival and development of enterprises concerned , positive suggestions for technological transformation of enterprises and management advice careful monitoring of each cadre . Zhu Yujian rate the company two cadres went to Shandong Dafeng learning, reinforcement never satisfied and progressive ideology . In September, the Fifth Congress workers passed the " Code of Conduct " issued to every employee .
    During 1800M3 gas tank , the 3rd the 4th calciner , soda ash closed loop cooling water ice machine , gasification wastewater treatment, housing and other new water softener and put into operation in June for gas production in all lump . By the Ministry of Chemical Industry Company , the provincial government recognition as the " eight five" environmentally advanced collective, advanced group .
    September 1997 Ministry of Chemical Industry , the Ministry of Finance to convene the Huaihe River Basin fertilizer plants and 63 small green plant related to the Zhangjiagang site meetings , thematic promotion of successful experience in Zhangjiagang City fertilizer plant closed water cycle. The company held its fifth congress . Won the 1996 Outstanding Industrial enterprises in Suzhou City , "May 1" Labor certificate .
    1998 decision by the municipal government , Jiangsu Huachang ( Group ) Co., Ltd. and Jinzhou Group belongs City chemical combination, the city incorporated Huachang Chemical Group . Micro-motor factory, a joint chemical plants, chemical plants Xinyi , south of the depot has transformed , were named Zhangjiagang City and Xin Motor Co. Ltd., Zhangjiagang City, Agrochemicals Co., Ltd. , Zhangjiagang Xinyi Chemical Co., Ltd. , Zhangjiagang City, St. Enoch Jiangnan Chemical machinery Co., Ltd. .
    Party Secretary Lu Yongxing Group representatives to Beijing to attend the China chang small summary and Nitrogen Fertilizer Industry Development Seminar 40th anniversary and as a " small nitrogenous fertilizer to accelerate its development in a market economy ." Presentations .
    1999 fertilizer plants, chemical plants, respectively, at the completion of the restructuring project , named Zhangjiagang City Huayuan Chemical Co., Ltd. , Zhangjiagang City Heng Chemical Co. , Ltd. Zhangjiagang Huachang construction . Eighth Youth League held .
    Deputy director of the State Environmental Protection Administration Wang Xinfang to the company , the site for the synthesis of recycled water , sewage treatment plant gas-making operation . Special Research Fellow Guangyao come and guide our factory soda ash production and technological expansion .
    April 2000 Jinyuan Biochemical opening ceremony was held , bringing huachang completed eight corporate restructuring . Zhu Yujian , chairman of the provincial enterprise reform has attended seminars, provincial corporate management meetings , Huachang "because of corporate system should engage in restructuring, deepening reform and promote development " is specified material for the exchange of experience , has been commended for the 1999 annual management advanced enterprises. August , located in Chang'an Road , Building chang chang construction investment by the opening .
    Group corporate image design, visual application specification implemented . Huayuan Chemical celebrated the 30th anniversary , served as the old leaders and old back to the factory workers who celebrate together . December , and Xin moved to travel by air motor production line .
    April 11, 2001 , party secretary Jiang Hongkun , Mayor Zhou Weiqiang , such as the rate of city department heads to chang -site office , affirmed huachang remarkable achievements in economic construction , the development plan for the next five years Huachang site visits and seminars , clear consent huachang power plant construction , expansion without major issues , such as flat .
    All year eight manufacturing enterprises through the ISO quality assurance system certification, Huachang Pharmaceutical foundation, Rhodia - Heng ( Zhangjiagang ) Fine Chemicals Co., Ltd. opened , overall growth Huayuan chemical products , soda ash output exceeded 140,000 tons . Seven continents propiconazole National Innovation Fund , included in the national Torch Program was identified as national key new products. Group held its ninth Youth League , the Sixth Party Congress .
    May 17, 2002 , party secretary Zhou Weiqiang , Mayor Cao Fulong , Shen Shu- Dong, director of the NPC rate city department heads on Huayuan chemicals, pesticides seven continents relocation site office will be held to determine the two plant relocation . Seven continents implement land , river Sevencontinent changed to green and Chemical Corporation . Huayuan Chemical convene an expert consultation on new plant construction , to determine the new plant site . Heng Chemical community foundation, established import and export company , a joint venture with DongLai organic chemical synthesis , medicinal chemistry established Zhangjiagang Hengsheng Co. , constant Jicheng Li . Twelfth technology in the country to exchange experiences and China Nitrogen Fertilizer Industry Association branch small nitrogenous fertilizer , Huayuan Chemical was " small nitrogenous fertilizer Star Enterprise" , Zhu Yujian elected as executive director. Sixth Congress workers held .
    February 2003 , May , October 7 continents , Xinyi , Huayuan district have started .市 四套班子, Huayuan Bonded leaders attended the groundbreaking ceremony , party secretary Cao Fulong affirmed chang 's operating results and hope chang to new construction as an opportunity , innovation and development, the first stronger, striving to be the city's efforts to scale enterprises pacesetter .
    During the Huachang Group , Zhangjiagang Free Trade Zone Heng Chemical Investment Yunchang International Trade Co., Ltd. opened , the municipal environmental protection bureau , a joint venture of seven continents Zhangjiagang RAE hazardous waste treatment , Ltd. was established .
    2004 Love sources, seven continents , Xinyi District comprehensively promote the construction . Jiangsu Huayuan Chemical changes Huachang Chemical Corporation . Heng Chemical district completed. Group led by environmental organizations of all production companies occupational health and safety certification , " three promises" institutionalized operation. Group held its tenth Youth League . Huachang Party branch established in the chemical industry, trade unions and members of the Youth League general managers meeting, Zhu Yujian secretary proposed to establish a new relationship between labor ethics , ecological chain enterprises to solve the problem . Love Chang is back on the city 's top ten enterprise groups, sales revenue , profits , profit performance were ranked No. 10 , No. 5 , Section 4 .
    2005 Love Chang Chemical District a project went into operation . Celebrated the 35th anniversary of the plant , including through " common development of enterprises and employees ," the great debate , essay , organize old district staff counterpart to visit, visit the district organization of retired workers and so on. Zhu Yujian secretary published " to create success Qing Ying factory ", " speed up the second venture , to achieve a new leap forward " and other important articles and speeches . Former old leader was invited back to the factory to attend factory celebrate .
    Asia Pacific since April triage staff . During Huachang Group "national model worker" title.
    2006 , New Huachang Chemical for a large conference room for the first time in early Corporation congress cum awards ceremony concluded . Assembly stressed employees and business contacts interdependence of life and death , emphasizing improve the quality , safety and environmental protection work to do , highlighting "In the case of continuous large investment, high debt , increase employee income must rely on increasing labor productivity , improve their operations must rely on management level . " Lu Yongxing , chairman of the working report on some of the safety and environmental awareness is weak, poor staff work responsibilities raised serious criticism.
    Zhu Yujian secretary proposed and led by nine , general manager of production enterprises , the deputy general manager in charge of production together to Rhodia - Hang Cheong , Xin motor visit and study the safety and environmental health advocate attention prior management , adhere to continuous improvement , requiring huachang actively carry out exchanges between enterprises of various topics , with good internal resources, learn from each other and promote each other and improve together .
    Huachang chemical project into production two years , Jinyuan District biochemical production , RAE put into trial production . Enterprises in Suzhou City Labor Relationship acceptance.
    2007 run enterprises fully grasp the quality , actively contention advanced . Annual sales 3.809 billion yuan , profits of 428 million yuan , profits of 365 million yuan , 123 million yuan warehousing taxes , exceeding the overall economic indicators , key enterprises in Zhangjiagang City , the first 10 , total profit and tax revenue at , warehousing taxes are the first eight . Huachang Chemical old core business in January 3 terminate production, Jiangsu Huachang Dong Fang Land Ltd. was established .
    2008 Love Chang enterprises suffered a surprise and tribulations , the annual operating results to achieve high growth , exceeding the overall economic indicators , more substantial than the average growth of the city's hundred enterprises, key enterprises. In the city's key enterprises , the sales revenue, profits , warehousing taxes were first nine , the first four , the first six , warehousing taxes for the first time exceeded 200 billion yuan, the company won the National Petroleum and Chemical Industry advanced group , convened eight Congress . Huachang Chemical successful listing. Comrade Zhu Yujian was elected vice president of the Chemical Industry Association , Suzhou , Zhangjiagang Chemical Industry Association president .
    In 2009 the company struggled down the impact of the financial crisis , and last year completed operating performance and a greater disparity . In the city's key enterprises , the sales , profits , warehousing taxes were ranked ninth, the first nine , the first eight .
    RAE by 6,000 tons / year by the Ministry of Environmental Protection , Environmental Protection Agency and other joint tissue levels Stations hazardous waste incineration special project completion and acceptance . Winners Huachang Chemical grand recognition and reward , " the national oil and chemical industry vocational skills competition ." Group company unions , the Communist Youth League jointly deployed to carry out " rationalization proposals , and offered a golden idea " activities.
    2010 full-year operating results improved significantly compared to last year , but profits, profits below the annual target , key enterprises in the city , the sales , profits , warehousing taxes were ranked 10 , Section 8 , Section 9 . February , Heng Chemical changes to Zhangjiagang Investment and Development Company Limited.
    Group company was named " the province for law , business integrity, advanced units," the Eighth Congress workers held to discuss the development of the "Twelfth Five Year Plan" .
    2011 to determine the number of large projects and the formation of "Twelfth Five Year Plan" . May 18 , the company, Heng investment , Huachang Chemical Supply & Sales Finance , huachang building , chang clinics XiQian Huachang Dong Fang Square. In May, China Petroleum and Chemical Industry Association executive vice president and president of China Nitrogen Fertilizer Industry Association, Li Shousheng , vice president of the Association of Kong Xianglin , Secretary-General Chang Yung- chang to inspect research. In August, China Petroleum and Chemical Industry Association , Petroleum and Chemical Industry Planning Institute , SINOPEC Research Institute experts together to participate in economic and technological development strategy seminar Huachang chemical products , Li Shousheng president presided over the seminar. November , president of the China Environmental Protection Industry Association Wang Xinfang line to Zhangjiagang research study , observe and listen RAE site hazardous waste treatment center ,艾克沃supercritical sewage treatment project reports on the situation .
    Zhu Yujian has to chang chemical operations team, the meeting recommended to the General Manager of the company , " China Entrepreneur " magazine , " Sheng and Sook World Congress Watch ," a text , the company party committee , the board of directors , unions join forces to promote Huachang Chemical fanfare "Managing staff code of conduct , "and with the spirit of re-education in Zhangjiagang , and then promote , practice , organization and learn Inamori philosophy and philosophy with her ??husband , requiring corporate executives to keep in mind in particular the management team responsibilities , norms performance of their duties , union demands , Board of Supervisors organizational staff to assume regulatory responsibility to promote and boost the sustainable and healthy development chang .
    Huachang Group won " harmonious labor relations Suzhou enterprise" , Huachang Chemical among the " China Chemical top 100 listed companies," seven continents named " China Pesticide hundred companies ."
    2012 1.2 million tons / year of propylene project , 1 million tons / year of new eco- fertilizer project , 150,000 tons / year of concentrated nitric acid structural adjustment programs and materials transformation projects , propylene downstream product projects have been started , start , thermal desulfurization project put into use . Total patented, 7 , authorized 21 . Seven continents once again been included in the National Torch Plan high-tech enterprise , advancing for the first 27 hundred in the pesticide industry in China , Yi Kewo company publicity through the provincial high-tech enterprises , Jiangnan Boilers named " 2012 China National Chemical Equipment hundred companies . " Heng Investment simultaneous introduction of Glorious pharmaceutical projects and management team, 300 tons / year multifunctional pharmaceutical active ingredients and 10 tons / year multifunctional pharmaceutical research and development pilot project started. Developed by the Aike Wo seven continents supercritical water oxidation equipment into post-production. RAE II incineration project received approval and support of Zhangjiagang City Hall and the state environmental protection department.
    In the spirit of re-education group in Zhangjiagang , and then promote , practice activities, continue to advocate learning Inamori philosophy and philosophy husband . Jinyuan Company's leadership in April adjusted closely with the new team , pay close attention to management , the company achieved profitability , becoming one of the biggest highlights of the year chang .

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