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    Jiangsu Huachang (Group) Co., Ltd.

    2017 top 500 SINOPEC enterprises
    2016 winner of the Ankang cup
    2012 annual management innovation demonstration enterprise in Jiangsu Province
    2011 annual corporate culture building advanced units
    Industrial enterprise storage tax year 2008 over two hundred million yuan
    Excellent Enterprise in 2006 moved to the staff
    2005 Technology Innovation of advanced units
    Businesses storage tax year 2004 over one hundred million yuan
    2000 Suenou taxpayer
    Contract and trustworthy units
    Ministry of Chemical Industry Globes
    Silver Award for Enterprise disk song contest
    First top ten charitable enterprises trophy

    Civilized units in 2015
    2018 top 500 SINOPEC enterprises
    Civilized unit of 2018
    2018 Zhangjiagang 100 backbone enterprises

    China top 100 chemical
    "August" National Chemical environmentally advanced collective
    China Petroleum and Chemical Industry advanced collective
    "May Day" labor certificates
    National Model Home
    Advanced group in Jiangsu Province
    Outstanding enterprises in Jiangsu Province
    Advanced units operate according to the province
    The province's integrity management advanced unit for law
    Suenou advanced group
    Suenou City Labor Relationship
    Suzhou City art collective blood donation 2011-2013
    2015 storage revenue over 100 million yuan
    76 Top 100 Petrochemical Enterprises in 2018
    2019 militia group advanced units

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