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    Jiangsu Huachang (Group) Co., Ltd.

    Sandbar, my heart's love (poems)

    ● Zhu Yanli

    See case

    If that is a mold of your city

    Your affectionate if that is the long planetesimals

    Even , my first love

    Also follow the fate increasingly lightweight

    Deep inside with a hint of sweet

    I'm holding your arms as if you and I roll up one day

    Your facial features , your sweet, warm instantly ignite the whole city

    So , I started with one person , a city of love

    With Love

    I thought it was just some love

    Like you met me , like I met you

    We live in a fleeting back and forth , and everything in the endless city

    As we wrote a diary also changed

    You can roll up my arms , as if to roll up a century of study

    Your facial features , your heart

    Even all your love

    Are inscribed : long , deep, and difficult

    Love Love

    You swear in front of City ,

    Me sunshine, air , plants - even silent when camphor

    Full of heroic moments condensate ,

    Stretches of the hourglass , and has not been altered diary

    All in my time swaying

    I like the kids never cease

    Walking back and forth in a sandbar in the city

    Kept meditation -

    I hold you in the palm from

    I'm bubbling flow of blood immediately printed on your

    In the surging river

    Wujin heart and the heart of faith

    Sha Chau

    If, on the dawn of eight thousand years ago, from early morning wake up

    If, for six thousand years ago, the moon covered my windowsill

    If , loud hayang folk came down the field

    Well, I am eager to turn into the next life cycle of a woman sandbar City

    - Looks soft, melodious voice

    A look back, are loaded from the moon and the sweet morning dew

    If the " chop bamboo song" came along acres of Taoyuan

    If, on the east once again sail away

    If , fleeting skylights delicately

    So , are you still in the name of the Yangtze River

    Percussion sandbar earth

    With love, kindness , stick on the endless heroic writing I am with you ,

    Love with this city

    I love heart

    Fall in love with you, I had a crush on sandbar

    I like the new kid in town runnin

    I visited the Yangtze River, walk Jiyang , listening to the wind chimes softly whisper tower

    I planted mind in Jiyang Lake, and wrote love paradise in Phoenix

    I just put my verse planted

    I want to grow in your town -

    Camphor grow into lush , peach charming , sweet osmanthus

    I do not even have to grow into your initial appearance

    Snuggle with you, I want to be like a half- open flowers

    Though not luxurious, but it has the unyielding sandbar

    Though not brilliant , but it has to forge sandbar

    Note: " sandbar , my heart 's love ( poems ) " won Zhangjiagang City, the first " Poetry in the City" readings Solicitation Award.

    Copyright(C)2014,Jiangsu Huachang (Group) Co., Ltd. All Rights Reserved. Supported by ChinaChemNet ChemNet Toocle Copyright Notice 【Admin】
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